Why I started making Weighted Products and Selling Fabric.

When my daughter started college. She started stressing over wanting to keep her grades high enough to keep her honors college status. She started having trouble sleeping. So I went looking for a natural solution to help her. That's when I found out about Weighted Blankets that help people sleep better. I knew I could make her one. So I took her out to the Quilt Store and let her pick out her material and started to design my first weighted blanket. She loves it and she now sleeps through the night.
I did lots more research and found out that many weighted products like lap pads and wraps can really help people with different issues.
My daughter has a friend who stresses over traveling in a car. She has anxiety when she travels. I made her a lap pad and she says it works wonderfully. She is now happy when traveling in a car and even an airplane trip this summer.
At Christmas I was asked to make a weighted neck wrap for a mom who had breast cancer surgery and wanted a weighted product to help her stay calm during recovery and for stress full situations. She loves her weighted wrap. I love making weighted products that help people!
I have been sewing and quilting for over 20 years now and love finding quality fabric and creating beautiful gifts. With my fabric store I can now offer others quality fabric and fabric bundles to make their own beautiful creations.. Please come and check out what we have at MissyODesign.

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