Do Weighted Blankets make you hot? The fabric it’s made of makes a difference. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable. It soaks up sweat allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cooler. It’s also cheaper to buy. Most people want a blanket made of super soft cuddly Minky fabric. The problem is it’s made of polyester and is great to keep you warm in the winter. Not so good for hot summers. New technology has created fabric with cooling capabilities. Like the fabric used for athletic wear that helps you keep cool when you get hot and sweaty. There are a few companies making weighted blankets of this cooling fabric. Just remember, it's more expensive to make and buy. But is great for you out there who really need something more to stay cool! 

Another possibility is to buy a smaller weighted blanket. There are travel size weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, weighted neck and shoulder wraps and even weighted face pillows. I have many customers who love these smaller weighted products! Remember the reason weighted blankets work is what’s called Deep Touch Pressure. DTP helps calm the nervous system with the pressure of the weight used. Smaller weighted products work the same as a large blanket. DTP helps calm you with targeted pressure on your chest or on your lap, across your legs and even on your face, to help you sleep away a headache.   

My husband loves his small travel size blanket/large lap pad for naps. It just covers his chest. Is only eight pounds. Made of cotton, so keeps him from getting warm. These are just a few ideas for keeping cool with a weighted blanket. Hope this helps!!!