First time weighted blanket buyers usually buy blankets that weigh 10, 15 to 20 lbs. After they fall in love with them, taking them everywhere sounds great but is just not practical. Relief from insomnia, stress and anxiety is wonderful, but dragging a 10–20 lb. blanket around is not feasible. There are several different smaller weighted products that you can take everywhere with you. They work the same way as your weighted blanket using (DTP) Deep Touch Pressure. These products can help anxiety with as small as 1.5 lbs. for children or up to 4-5 lbs. for adults while traveling. These have been used for decades by medical professional for Autism and Sensory Processing issues. Work just as well for those persons dealing with anxiety, stress and depression.

Many people feel anxiety while driving their car in traffic. Did you know a weighted lap pad can help? I know several people who use them every time they drive or are being driven by someone else! There are several smaller weighted products that help in situations like this. A few of them are lap pads, neck wraps or scarfs, and shoulder wraps. They can be used while in a car, airplane, going to a doctor’s appointment, school, and even at work. They come in all different sizes, weights and designs, made with pretty fabrics, and are great for traveling.

These smaller products are also known as “huggers” because they can feel like someone is hugging you. So, go check them out!