Here are some questions I see often on Twitter: 

  Anyone use a weighted blanket? 

 My husband, daughter and I all have them and love them.

 Does it help? 

 My blanket helps me fall asleep and keeps my RLS from waking me and my hubby up. My daughter’s blanket helps her with her insomnia, anxiety and depression. My husband uses his for naps!

 Which Weighted Blanket do you have?

  I made all of ours. Twin sizes that you wrap around you like a burrito and a small travel size for my husband for naps. If you can sew, you can make one too. If not, there are beautiful quality handmade ones on, custom made with any fabric you want. Etsy is an online platform that helps small business Artisans sell their products. My daughter wanted Harry Potter fabric. There are also many larger companies that are starting to mass produce weighted blankets for cheaper prices. Weighted Blankets have become very popular so there are many companies starting to make them now.

  I want a weighted blanket. Does anyone have an opinion on them?

  My weighted blanket helps me fall asleep and stay asleep better. Also helps my RLS. I made my daughter’s blanket to help her insomnia but also helps her anxiety and depression. My friend’s daughter has cerebral palsy and her blanket helps her relax and sleep better. Seems to help many issues such as, Asperger’s, ADHD, PTSD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, and the list goes on. My experience is that size and weight makes a difference with many people. One size fits all doesn’t work. My husband only likes an 8 lb. small blanket on his chest. I made a custom one for a lady who also wanted a small 25”x 35”, 5 lbs., for just her legs and she loves it. I can’t handle heavy weight on my back so the 10% of body weight standard was too much for me and I made a twin size just 10 lbs., that works great. My daughter wanted more weight then 10% of her body weight. Understanding why you want one and how you’re going to use it will help you decide what’s best for you. Custom blankets are the best way to go.